Creative Truth

Available everywhere now, Creative Truth is your playbook for starting, building, and enjoying a profitable design business.

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Whether you’re a solo freelancer working from home or a small group of creative entrepreneurs ready to get to the next level, this is your roadmap to success. You’re the CEO, CFO, CTO, Secretary, Janitor, Office Manager, and everything in between. Finding a balance between running the business and doing great creative work is a constant struggle. From learning how to price your work and manage your time, to setting up your business and defining your market, Brad Weaver covers everything designers need to know to run a studio without losing heart.

What you'll get:

Real numbers, real tools, and best practices in a toolkit that you can start using immediately in your business.

A companion website that you'll find right here that offers up-to-date resources, articles, tools, and discussions, allowing readers to continue learning as they grow.

Practical tips for getting clients, being more profitable, building your network, managing your operations, getting things done, hiring help, managing contractors, and finding joy along the way.

About The Author, Brad Weaver

Brad went to school to be a lawyer, then came to his senses and has spent the last 20 years making ideas happen through Branding, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, and Content Strategy. He is the author of Creative Truth: Start & Build a Profitable Design Business and a keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Prior to forming The Banner Years, Brad served as Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs where he worked with numerous Fortune 500s including IHG and UPS. Prior to Nine Labs, he served as Founder & Creative Director at Suckerpunch with clients including Disney, Bank of America, ESPN, AT&T, NATO, The PGA, Hard Rock Cafe, and Coca-Cola. He spent the prior decade in Digital Marketing and Merchandising at Verizon and American Eagle Outfitters working with chart-topping artists and major film studios. Not one to shy away from hard work or his blue collar upbringing, he’s also folded clothes, pumped gas, bagged groceries, sold cell phones, performed stunts in blockbuster films, and climbed The Great Wall of China.

Based in Atlanta, Brad lives loud and loves openly. He’s known for dark humor, random dance parties, an encyclopedic knowledge of film and music, his love of Jesus, a taste for expensive bourbon, a relentless spirit of adventure, his handsome kids, and the strict use of Oxford commas.

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The full companion website will launch in early March. We'll also be announcing live workshops this Spring. Get in touch at hello [at] to request a workshop in your area.